The Magic in the Music

Music plays an integral part in many peoples’ lives, most especially, mine.  It is an absolute expression of the current mood I’m in if I’m the one choosing what I’m listening to – and if I’m not the one choosing the playlist – what’s currently spinning can change my mood from one song to the next.  I work in a club in Second Life, and I love my job – the people that I work with, the people that come hang out and party with us – but especially, the music.  I chose to work in a rock club genre because simply saying “rock music” encompasses a wide, wide range of for me, emotion.  Depending on the DJ spinning the tunes, I can enjoy hard aggressive rock, classic, current and somewhere in between at any given time of the day.  I can request music that keeps the crowd moving and talking, or I can request music to slow things down a bit and relax a little more if I’m doing other things in the background.  Or, if D is there and I just feel silly, I can usually convince him to play a Disney tune or two – which ok, doesn’t necessarily fall into the “rock genre” but, does a great job of satisfying my silly side.

I have always used music as a reflection of who I am and how I’m feeling – or to change my mood if I find myself a little too aggressive or a little too sappy.  And then, I met Froggy.  Hands down, the man who knows more about all genres of music than any one human I’ve ever met, Lucus Barrineaux is the authority on good tunes and the ever elusive “flow” of one song to the next in a set.  Just ask him, he’ll tell you the same.  He has play lists like nothing I’ve ever seen and am honored to be able to call him a close friend.  How he got his nickname “Froggy” may be better suited for another post but basically involves the story of how he taught the Princess to feel the music – not just hear it.  I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing some incredible DJs over the last few years, ones that are simply outstanding just on their ability to play to a crowd, the sense the feeling in a room of people and play to it, their ability to think outside the box and introduce less heard music from people’s favorite artists and bands and open people’s minds to new artists and music.

Never, have I met a truly fantastic DJ who agreed they were half as good as they really are.  And that, is what makes them unique.  For these few I have encountered – it’s about the music – not the crowd, it’s about being able to set a tone, set a mood with a few chosen songs and carry that good feeling through 2 hours of tunes.  Anyone can stick songs in a program and throw them out there to be listened to, but it takes someone with a heart for the music itself, to take the time to choose the song, create the flow, and make the mood.  They have mastered the set of introducing the new while mixing into it the old, they bring the crowd to monumental highs and lows as the music changes during the set, peaking on a hard note then slowly sliding down to something a little more mellow before climbing back up again.  I hear it from the people in the crowd all the time when they shout out how much they love a song they haven’t heard – or a new version of one they’ve always loved and the excitement when they hear something they simply haven’t heard in forever and forget how much they liked.

Second Life, is just that – a do –over – a chance to live a little differently than you do in your RL – and why shouldn’t that include the concerts and clubs most of us in RL don’t have the time to visit?  I know of several people who come in, avi park while they’re at RL work – just to stream the music – just to hear the flow.  They may never say a word in local chat – but they’re there – they’re listening and under some desk somewhere, they’re tapping their feet to the beat, wiggling a little in their chairs and enjoying the cross over from their SL to their RL.


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