Take a Deep Breath


Ladies, we’ve all had that day…. The day that something we ate either the night before or that day itself and the digestion of said “something” has gone HORRIBLY wrong.  We sit with a smile on our face while our body clutches against itself to not allow the gaseous hell escape our bodies until we can get somewhere private to let it all out.  And ohhhhh the relief when we do! 

Let me just say – I aimed that at ladies because I understand that to men, the “display” of bodily functions in public is not only a talent and art, but something you spend your entire lives cultivating to share with others – so no offense intended.

I think the same applies to the emotions we hold in, the anger, hurt, hate, shame – whatever your particular demon is – and it may be all of them.  Holding it in infects us, sucks the happiness out of things we would normally find joy in.  It eats at us and makes us bitter, the same way something we eat doesn’t digest will in our systems.  After a while of holding it all in, the pain is intense and it’s hard to see past it in our lives, everything and everyone we come in contact with seems to be affected by it and our vision of how things really are is skewed.

I think it’s important, to let these things go – not for the benefit of the one or ones that did the hurting, made us angry, gave us feelings of hate or shame – but for ourselves – but for our own inner peace. Forgive but do not forget, turn your cheek but don’t offer the other one – insert whatever old words of wisdom you like – but it amounts to the same thing:

Let it GO.

Every time you hold on to the hurt – the wrong someone has done you – you give them power –over you – over your emotions.  Every time you don’t let it go – you let them hold the chain that binds you.  Do you really want to give them that much power and control??  Let it GO – walk away – just because you let it go – doesn’t mean you have to allow it to happen again –it doesn’t make you weak – it makes you STRONGER.

There is an end to every beginning – that doesn’t mean the book is over – it means you’ve finished a chapter.  Do you want to keep re reading it – or do you want to move on and see what else happens?

I’m not saying some well-deserved emotions aren’t allowed when your heart is broken or you’ve been hurt –have a temper tantrum (I’m famous for them myself – but trust me – make sure you know someone who is really good at sheetrock repair before you do) or  sit on your pity pot…. Just don’t sit there long enough to get a ring around your ass.

Do yourself a favor…. Take a deep breath….and let it GO.




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