My Cherished One

So in my attempts to focus on the positive, I’m working on (currently building) a new website/blog called “Counting Your Blessings”.  In the meantime, while I work on that, I thought maybe I’d count a few blessings here too.

For anyone who has been online for any length of time, you know about the relationships you create with others – whether it’s playing something like Second Life, WOW or even just various blogs or chat rooms you visit – you get to know the people that are there often enough and it really doesn’t take long for some bonds to form.

Most of the time, we share the bad ones, the ones that betrayed us, hurt us, left us – whatever.  But I think it’s high time – we started sharing the good ones – the ones you met just by chance that even though you’ve never met, never seen each other’s faces – these are the ones that lift you and hold you up, that turn the sunshine into the rain and warm your heart from the inside out.

I’m thankful and blessed to have a few people like that in my virtual life – but there’s one I want to focus on today.

She is best described as a pocket full of sunshine – she has a kind word to everyone she comes across – no matter where she is or how she feels.  I remember clearly one of the first times I met her – that lil duck on her shoulder… and talking about her recent shopping trip…fat packs ftw!

I loved her immediately with her radiant personality, the way she could command attention upon entering a room and the way she could dissolve the worst of emotions and turn them to glitter and happiness with one lil “Oh sNoRt” gesture.

I didn’t know her very well back then – the most casual of conversation we had – but she was amazing to me – and then it happened one day on Facebook…. One of those randomly generated “who loves” you things that pulls from your friends list and designates who loves you best – and I became her Cherished and she became my Cherished One…. and things have never been the same since.

For as bubbly and bright as her personality is, you can tell there is some part of her that she keeps hidden from these virtual worlds and I’ve learned over time, that it is her protection mechanism.  I’ve watched her grow – and blossom in this world much like a beautiful hydrangea – not just one single flower that pops up to brighten the day, but tons of blooms that burst out to capture your attention.

To watch her – become a commanding force in the SL world of photography and blogging makes me love her more, her relentless pursuit to be different, for perfection in her work and most recently her endeavor in DJing… her talent and drive never cease to amaze me.

I think though, the most amazing thing about her – is her ability to see things from a clearer perspective – she has proven to be an invaluable friend and confidant… we don’t speak every day, but the conversations we have pick up right where we left off – very much like that childhood friend that always stay a part of you no matter how many years or miles go by between the two of you.  She values the people she holds close in her life and it shows in every word when you hear her speak of them.

Having her a part of my life comforts me, brings me happiness from the inside out and pushes me to strive to be better as a person and as a friend.  She is truly a blessing in my life any way you look at it.

I think Facebook, in all its quirkiness, got it right…. PeepSideshow Darkward…. You absolutely are my Cherished One.



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