The Willow

new-house_001I have never wanted to blog products or creations just to say that I do, but I notice, there aren’t always a lot of blogs reviewing or sharing some of the creators that build the pieces of art that really make Second Life our home.

For many people, Second Life – is truly – a second home.  People take pride in the homes they have here as they would in their RL – the upside – in SL – we can often do a little better home wise than we might have the finances to do in RL.  Painting the walls doesn’t encompass several days of moving furniture and trips to Lowes or Home Depot and home renovations don’t have to include building permits and wondering if you measured that 2×4 correctly lol.

But still, our homes in SL bring us joy and peace. They bring out our creativity and become the place e make some of the best memories of our life.

In saying all that, if you’ve not encountered Bella Rose Designs in Second Life, please, let me take a moment to share with you my very favoritest (ok, that might be a new word) Home and Furniture designer and her latest creation, the Willow.

It was a few years ago I was on the hunt in SL for a home to accommodate my family.  I do tend to spend a good bit of time at home in SL –working and owning clubs in Second Life, running a wedding business – when the day is done – much life RL – I want to come home, fix a cup of coffee and relax in my favorite chair.  I want to go to bed at night in a warm comfy bed, I want my walls to be covered in pictures of the people I love.  I want my SL home to be a reflection of me, to be useful in its layout the same way my RL home is and to be warm and welcoming to the many family and guests that tend to congregate there.

I have never been one to get the “package deal” – in rl your home, apartment (whatever) – doesn’t come completely furnished – it takes time to make it your own – your own eclectic grouping of furniture, pictures, etc.  So when I stumbled on the Bella Rose sim quite by accident, I didn’t realize quite at first that I had stumbled on…well…. A little piece of heaven.

As I walked through her homes, the attention to detail, the custom textures, the layouts spoke to me – LOUDLY.  Functional and prim friendly, her homes – every single one of them I walked through sent my mind into a whirlwind…. My couch would fit perfectly there….a table on that side…. Wouldn’t a Christmas tree look divine in front of that window????

Inviting layouts, functional spaces, and warm, inviting textures with so much detail, you can almost feel the roughness of the brick surrounding the fireplace.  Polished wood floors that make you look down almost as if you expect to see your reflection.

Bella’s latest creation – the Willow – does not disappoint.  With an impressive 4 bedrooms and less than 175 prim – the wood textures and barn doors, the screened back door and patios upstairs, curved staircase and reading nook combine together to make a home worthy of being excited for any holiday family get together.

In all the pictures below – the furnishings are her own – and they are no less inviting than the home itself making you want to curl up in front of the fireplace, get lost in the pull up covers on the bed or simply escape in a chair with a book and a glass of wine.

I challenge you – hop by her sim, check out the new Willow home… and I dare you to walk away without your wallet a little lighter and a wish list ready for the next gift giving holiday!

Bella Rose Designs – Homes and Furnishings:

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