Family…. Or as My Better Half puts it – The Herd

There is a running joke with my daughter Cin – that everywhere we go in SL, we’re related to half the people in any one location lol.  In some cases, she’s entirely true – which brings me to my subject today Family.  Second Life isn’t the only RP Game I’ve played – and family is nothing new.  However, family in Second Life – took on a whole new meaning for me.

In previous games, before I came to Second Life, Family – was really only about “virtual power” and numbers.  People fought for titles, role played to be the biggest bad ass and no one ever really got to know each other – you just knew you had backup when going onto a RP Sim and someone wanted you dead.

When I came to Second Life, I came with my two best friends, Rain and Outkast – and here they brought me to a peaceful place with no family, no drama, no virtual responsibility.  It was all I needed at the time and I was perfectly happy – the three of us were a family of our own of sorts and life was good for a good while.

To make a very long story short (so that you won’t fall asleep on me – because I do actually have a point to get to here shortly), my desire to engage in some different role play and once again lick my fangs as a vamp won out and so began my journey into bloodlines with the Armageddon Clan alongside Drew and Freya Hemmit as my Bloodlines parents and the subsequent journey with my “natural” parents, Rico and Cleo Revestel.  Both moments of adoption and hyphenated naming were proud moments for me as these 4 are people who I care deeply about.  And with them of course came brothers and sisters.

And then there was Cin – now Cinthia Petty Hemmit-Revestel – and here is where the numbers start growing rather rapidly lol.  In all the other games I’ve played – I’ve had adopted children a total of one time before Cin.  That experience was so fraught with lies, deception and drama I swore I’d never do it again – and then along came my Cinnie.  The most boisterous personality I’d ever seen, and as I got to know her, the biggest most loving heart I’d ever seen.  With the temper of a red-head and the fun of a blonde – she reminds me so much of myself at her age – there are days I have to stop and remind myself I didn’t actually birth her.  She stole my heart and became my ray of sunshine, is more loyal than you could imagine and in honest to a fault.

I remember thinking to myself, “Ok, one daughter, not bad – no need to go overboard – make sure you have the time to spend with her, to teach her – to help her grow.”  It didn’t quite work out that way – where there was one – there are now 10 (and a kitteh).  Each one of them came to us for different reasons – most because they had been hurt by others, some because they had no faith left, some because they were simply skeptical from the start. Each one of my girls has asked me at some point, “How did you end up with 10 of us? “  I tell them all the same thing, because when I’ve met you, something pulled at my heart – and I knew.  It’s just as simple as that.  Just as love cannot be touched – it can surely be felt and seen.

What a totally different concept than where I came from people are a part of your family because feelings are genuinely shared – not because numbers are important or “battles” need to be won – but because there is something that draws one to the other.

Each of my girls, Cin, Nadie, Sephie, Babs, Lil Max, Maxje, Addy, Tally, Isa and Babii, all of them are unique and special – perfect in their own ways.  Each one of them brings something wonderful to our family, a special glue that helps bond us all together.  Even when we’re apart or schedules keep us from one another (ok, my schedule keeps me from everyone most) the bond we have is strong, the love is even stronger and all together in one spot – well, we take up a lot space, we’re loud and sassy and we have more fun than probably is allowed in any one place – and I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it for anything in the world.

People tend to look at me a little strange when I say I have a very close Second Life Family and some even go a little cross-eyed when I mention how many daughters there are – and I get the blank stare of disbelief when I start counting off the sisters and brothers lol.  We’ve tried to make a family tree – but I’m not sure there is prim big enough to hold it all and if we could make one – it would probably take up most of the sim leaving no room for the massive family house and various toys scattered about.

You can come to these virtual worlds and say your RL is separate from your SL all you want.  But most of us know, if you take the time to get to know people – that simply cannot be and family is family – whether it’s pixilated or flesh and bones you can reach and touch at a moments notice.  What matters, is not how you met, or where you met – but what you do with the bonds you create and whether you’re willing to work to keep them together or not.

The Girls

The Girls